At Lime Academy Abbotsmede we engage the children in an exciting programme of learning in order to teach history and geography. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) allows the children to be taught these vital subject areas through topic work which encourages the children to learn through exploration and investigation, ensuring that the learning is exciting, active and meaningful. Sometimes school visits will link to the children’s IPC unit.

The IPC topics begin with an activity designed to immerse the children in the learning theme, which is closely followed by the children sharing their existing knowledge on the subject. The lessons planned can then be tailored to build on this prior learning.

In key stage one IPC includes topics which explore historical themes through ‘Time Travellers’ and ‘People of the past’. The children will expand their geographical knowledge with topics such as ‘From A to B’ and ‘Hooray! Let’s go on holiday.’

In key stage 2 the children will build on their historical and geographical knowledge through topics such as ‘Temples, tombs and treasures’; ‘The Great, the bold and the brave’;’ Gateway to the world’ and ‘Living together’. Some year groups will also explore an ancient civilisation in depth, and some will engage in a historical or geographical study of the local area.

For further information on the units that your child will be covering, please refer to the curriculum overview for your child’s year group.