Building Learning Power

At Lime Academy Abbotsmede we believe that learning should be a life-long enterprise. We aim to develop our pupils Learning Power, not just so they can complete learning more confidently, but so they will leave school with the skills and learning habits that will empower them to become life-long learners.

What is BLP about?

BLP is learning how to be a better learner. There are a set of ‘Learning Muscles’ that need to be exercised so that they can grow strong. It is about creating habits and attitudes which enable pupils to face challenging tasks confidently. The children develop practical strategies that can be used in real situations. It is not a subject in itself, but rather a framework that sits within all lessons.

If you would like to look at the different learning muscles and their definitions please see the attached document. The Learning Muscles Grid

How is BLP used in school?

Across lessons and subjects, teachers and pupils refer to the ‘Learning Muscles’ and how they are being used in that activity. Sometimes there will be specific activities relating to a ‘muscle’, other times it will be highlighted during our learning.